Tom & Evangeline Reed
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Tom & Evangeline Reed

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Brought to you by Tom & Evangeline Reed

Our Young Living business has allowed us financial freedom that we have only dreamed of.*  We were blessed with a substantial income from several businesses already, including Tom's medical practice and some rental properties, but even this was not enough to allow us to have time freedom to travel and to pursue some other dreams we had begun to think were impossible.  We had no idea when we started sharing Young Living that we would grow a Crown Diamond team and that Young Living would be the vehicle to help us finally achieve our dreams!

What is YOUR dream? Do you desire to travel the world? Pay off all your debts? Spend more time with your children and family? Quit your job and do something you LOVE? Be able to give generously to those in need and to your favorite causes? Do you need a purpose in life and want to be part of a movement that is changing people's lives?

Join us in this grand adventure! Contact us for how to take your first steps and we will help you get started. Blessings to you on your journey!


*Because we are talking about a financial opportunity here, you will want to view the 2016 Income Disclosure Statement from Young Living by clicking the link below. Most Young Living members do not pursue Young Living as a business. Those that do vary in their results, depending on the effort they put in and the skills they choose to develop. If you join our Young Living family, it would be our honor and privilege to walk alongside you and help you reach your full potential in Young Living and fulfill your dreams!